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​Today’s Menu

Updated June 7, 2024

Craft Beers

1. Our No. 1 recommendation.  Belgian Quad  ¥990 

Rich flavors from dark malt and Okinawan brown sugar. Lucious mouthfeel from an extended boil. Lots of dark fruit character balanced with a dry finish and firm hoppiness. 


2. Rice Ale   ¥990  

Brewed at 99 Miles Beach Oceanfront Brewery in Chiba, Japan, using Japanese rice Koshihikari instead of wheat.  


3. Pale Ale    ¥990  

Asia Beer Cup winner. Brewed at 99 Miles Beach Oceanfront Brewery in Chiba.   


4. Fukamushi IPA    990 

Award-winning Japanese green tea Pilsner.  Brewed in Kyushu Island, close to Korea.  


5. Craft Grape Beer from Kyushu Island    ¥990 

6. Hirosaki Apple Wine   ¥1,600/bottle 🍎

Hirosaki is about 800 km north of Kyoto, known for apple farmers' land. They use apples and yeast living on cherry flowers. It is a sparkling dry apple wine with alcohol 6%.

Special and limited for cherry flowers season only.

7. KUJUKURI OCEAN IPA  ¥990/Bottle 

The world best rice IPA.  

8. KUMA Massigura  ¥1,200   🏅Golden Medal, Japan Great Beers Awards

Very special and unique craft beer from Toyama.

The foot town of the Japanese Alps.  Crafted beer including dried persimmon.  Probably the only craft beer using persimmon flesh.   

9. Craft Stout Beer by 99 Miles Ocean Brewery in Chiba.  ¥990/Bottle 

10. Weizen ¥990/Bottle 

Brewed by 99 Miles Ocean Brewery in Chiba. Very fruity flavour of banana and clove, using Saaz hops. 

11. Pilsner,  ¥990/Bottle 

Using 100% German pilsner malt and Mittelfruh hops. 99 Miles Ocean Brewery in Chiba. 

12. Japanese crafted spirits from Nagasaki Japan  ¥1,000/Bottle 

 It uses Nagasaki's traditional orange called Yuko. 

13.Japanese crafted spirits made in Sakurajima Volcano Island  ¥1,000/Bottle 

It uses Sakurajima Volcano orange.

14.Japanese crafted spirits.  ¥1,000/Bottle 

It uses lemons growing in Kyushu Island.

15.Japanese crafted spirits using shiikuwasa (Japanese citrus fruit) growing in Okinawa Island  ¥1,000/Bottle 

16.Japanese crafted barley spirits using Japanese Yamamomo (Bayberry)  ¥1,300/Bottle 

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