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We carefully select brewer's craft beers

Not just a beer.

Fox Beer is probably only one beer tasting company where you do not have to order any food nor have to sit down. We carefully select brewer's beers which do not add any chemicals, but use Hops, Malt, and Yeast naturally producing a source of antioxidants and plant protein.

Fox Beer select craft beers which contain vitamins, folic acid, riboflavin,  xanthohumol.  All naturally from selected Malt and Hops. These ingredients are cancer-fighting.

Best craft beers of spring 2023

FOX BEER(フォックスビア)は店主が細心の配慮を配って厳選したクラフトビールを提供するビールテイスティング専門店ブランドです。

2023年Spring版のベストクラフトビールとしてFOX BEER が選んだのはウェールズ、アメリカのヴァージニア 、カナダのブリティッシュコロンビアの3人が京都の水を使い精魂込めて麦芽から本格的に醸造した京都醸造のクラフトビールです。

Breweded locally and collaborately by a Welsh,

an American and a Canadian enthusiasts. Proudly selected brewer is  "Kyoto Brewing Company" located in south Kyoto.




Ale is a kind of beer brewed by a warm fermentation process.
Ale was one of the major sources of energy for soldiers in the medieval era, because it was not only calorie rich but also very nutritious.

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